Terms of Delivery

Credit: WILA is entitled to conduct a creditworthiness check before an order is accepted.

Payment: Terms are based on individual agreements per customer or per items. Prices are in Euro EXW Lochem, The Netherlands.

Package: We charge 1,5% of the price list price with a minimum of €10,- per order, with normal packaging.

Returns: Prior approval, a WILA RMA number and shipping instructions are required before any material is returned. A handling charge of 20% is made on all standard items returned, if received in original packaging and in as new condition. Special tooling cannot be returned.

Claims: WILA must be informed in advance by e-mail or phone on all claims and deviations within 10 days of invoice date.

Our purchases and sales are subject to the "Orgalime S2012 - General Conditions for the delivery of mechanical, electrical and electronical products", you can download these conditions via www.wila.nl/terms-of-delivery.pdf

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