New Standard Premium 'HD' Heavy Duty Crowning
/UPB-VII Working height=130mm, Width=250mm, Standard available in the following lengths, special lengths available on request.
Optional: Smart Tool Locator® (STL)
Type / length  
NSCR-HD-II-HC-CNC-250/UPB VII-4080    
New Standard Premium CrowningUPB-VII, ,
Working height=130mm, Width=250mm, provided with UPB-hole pattern which is suitable for the fixing holes according to drawing no.: 0305545, hydraulic clamping (max. 50bar), oil supply ø10mm, left-rear.
Crowning: CRM30 motorized (400V, 50Hz, 3Ph) at the right hand side, Tx-alignment, Material=CR-MO, pressure and reference surfaces CNC-Deephardened® (2-4mm / 56-60HRc), weight: 258kg/m, max.load: 800ton/m.Delivery with coverstrip, hardenend guard and scale (front side, metric, "0" at the left).
Delivery without hydraulic power pack.

Product range:
  • New Standard Premium
Type of clamping:
  • Hydraulic
  • UPB hole pattern
  • No
Working height:
  • 130mm
  • Pressure and reference surfaces CNC-Deephardened® (2-4mm / 56-60HRc)
Max. load:
  • 800ton/m