New Standard Pro Clamping
Working height=100mm, Width=61mm. Standard available in the following lengths, special lengths available on request.
Type / length  
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-1530    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-2040    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-2550    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-3060    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-3655    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-4080    
NSCL-I-MC-Ty/ES I-4250    
New Standard Pro Clamping
Working height=100mm, Width=61mm, provided with Amada adaptation (center line at 7mm) with crowning key (Ty-alignment), manually by means of push and pull screws, mechanical clamping by means of clamping bars, Material=C45 not hardened.
Delivery with coverstrip and guards scale ("0" at the left).Delivery without guards.

Tool Holders

Product range:
  • New Standard Pro
Type of clamping:
  • Manual
  • European Style I upper beam
  • Yes
Working height:
  • 100mm