American Vintage top tool with Working height H=4.750", α=90°, Radius=.031", precision ground and CNC-hardened (approx. 0.079" / at least 52HRc), Material=C45, Max. load=25 Tons/ft. Parts <12.5kg provided with Safety-Clicks™, which allows you to change the tooling vertically; all other parts provided with fixed safety pins, which only allows you to change the tooling horizontally.

Product range:
  • American Vintage
Working height:
  • 120.65mm
Tip radius:
  • 0.79mm
Tip angle:
  • 90°
  • CNC-hardened (approx. 2mm / at least 52HRc)
  • American Style
Max. load:
  • 75ton/m